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Online Store

Building a modern online store through the platforms of Shopify or WordPress in combination with WooCommerce. Register and choose a domain name, host configuration, create corporate emails… The end result is to get everything you need to have your new online store complete and ready to accept your first orders from customers.

Digital Marketing

Highlights of developing a strategy for you in a digital marketing environment include; registration and adaptation of profiles in social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. in order to build adequate social trust. Choosing the right channel to promote your business like; advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Creating a customer base for periodic e-mail campaigns.

Identity and logo

Need a new or change to an existing corporate logo? We will do it for you! When starting a new or developing an old business project, one of the main points is to create a company identical and choose the right logo with which to position the business through future customers. The right choice of colors and their combination create the vision, you will stand out from the competition.

Business Strategy

We will use all our resources and potential of knowledge and experience to create the right, accurate and clear business strategy for your business as; situational, competitive, entrepreneurial, adaptive or other strategies. The goal is to provide a solution for the development of your physical and digital business.

SEO Optimization

We will create the right SEO optimization to make your online business visible in the search engines of Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu. We will create a "site map" with the right keywords and integrate them into the algorithms of major search engines. This way you will be easily visible in the online environment by your future customers.

Photography and Video

Processing and photography of product photos for your online store. Choosing the right composition to get an attractive photo for the client. Creating video presentations with extremely high quality (HD, 4K UHD), following all imposed standards in the industry.

"Strong and capable designers and developers!"

"Elife Digital are a very strong and capable designers and developers. Excellent communicators, understands the requirements and brings the best and most efficient solution to bring the project to life. They will be my first choice for any website development requirement. Highly recommended."
Ahmed Noor
CEO, Expand corporate services, dubai

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